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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tesselaar Tulip Festival 2014 - Tulip Fantasy

Hello :D I know I have been MIA for almost a year already.. so sorry that i abandoned this little space cuz I went on mobile blogging :3 anyways I was requested by Twinnie to come back to this space >_< i miss here.. cut the crap, i was thinking to record down my life in Melbourne, but my life is actually pretty boring so.. here's some fun one.

I went to Tulip Festival yesterday (4th of Oct) with Sunshine. I dragged him so hard only he willing to leave the city and get to the suburb with me. From Melbourne city to Lilydale, you've to take an hour train to reach there, and get on the $3 per person shuttle bus (for weekends only, weekdays have to take Route 663 bus to Tesselaar Tulip Festival). BUT because of there were some terrorist related crimes in Melbourne recently so some train stations closed, the direct link from Melbourne city to Lilydale is closed. -__-

So we have to take one train stop down, to Parliament station, and hop on the bus replacement service to Camberwell train station (which is like 30 mins away), and get on train to Lilydale station. From Camberwell to Lilydale station was around another 25-30 minutes (it stopped at every stop, should've took the express & transfer to Lilydale >_<). After reaching Lilydale, have to get on to bus and get to Tesselaar which is like another 15 mins. The whole trip took around an hour + to reach the Tulip Festival but the scenery made efforts paid.

Crapped enough, let the photos do the talking!

Can you imagine yourself standing in the middle of Tulip sea?
This festival lasted for a month, it started since Sept 11th till Oct 7th. I am the lucky one that being able to visit this once a year event before it ends //bliss//

But because it is reaching the end of the festival already, these tulips are not that lively anymore.. you can see bald spots in the middle of fields because those kids actually step on them and the staffs said "we are going to kill them anyway, so its fine" WTF. I dont know how they actually going to do with all these pretty flowers lar. I eavesdropped that they said they use new soil every year and "we are going to kill them", I felt super wasted for these tulips :( their lifespan just a month?

Weather was a bliss too! 26 degrees and scorching sun YEASH! I feel spring, like finally.. after spring started for a month already. Sunshine said too hot he cant see lol and he wore his uncle pek spectacles because his new spec loosen already..

Tiramisu! Tiramisu to more tulips and ice cream please?
This Sunshine die die also dont want to take with me in the front cuz he said "too mainstream, exchange character.." wtf.

Lai, time to spam my own selfies :P

i likey this :3

The last photo was where we found hidden garden for the tourist to visit the types of Tulips. There are so many types of tulips that i cant even remember any of them! I just remember their names being weird, like what "Diamond" something. Hmm..interesting.

One of my main reason insist on going to this tulip farm is because tulip is my mom's favourite flower. She loves tulip so much and her wish is just to visit tulip farm in Netherlands. Is okay mii, come to Melbourne again and I will bring you there <3 div="">

Another reason was to fade my grief, I cant accept still I am so sorry. rest in peace, mizi.

I wish I could fulfill as many wishes as I can for my family.
And yet, please do whatever that makes you happy. Do not ever make yourself to something that you don't want to and end up unhappy. You have to live your life, with love and care. Bear in mind, sometimes selfish is good too. Don't over interpret whatever I've said, #YOLO but in a right way.

Let's end this post with my favorite photo of all.

Till then,


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