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Thursday, October 31, 2013


FINALLY, I am at oversea nowwww and I thought I would be celebrating halloween this year but mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ NO.
Last year I did celebrate with Mag and Rou after I came back from Taiwan, but then we didn't dress up as what we initially thought we could be.

I always thought studying abroad = celebrating halloween. BUT, Jen went back Malaysia, Mr. Sunshine exam, others exam also.. T__T why lar why! Then to make myself happier since I am on my one week break now, I decided to ruin my face *throw confetti*

This look is actually very 'yeng' cuz you can still be pretty and disgusting at the same time. I don't have liquid latex so I used Mod Podge instead which I bought to seal the iPhone cover design I've done for Mr. Sunshine. It is non-toxic so my skin doesn't show any allergic effect so far.. Just do allergic test before you put on your face!

To do this, you'll need

  • 1 ply of tissue, tear into small pieces
  • Some liquid latex, which you can find in most of the Halloween store,
  • LIQUID LATEX ALTERNATIVES: gelatin, Mod Podge which I used for this look, or white craft glue, make sure those glues are non-toxic!
  • Liquid foundation (preferably and one shade darker than your skin tone because the new 'skin' will appear lighter if you use your shade of foundation)
  • Eyeshadows, brown and black
  • Fake blood, which you can get in most of the halloween stores as well, or make it yourself!
  • FAKE BLOOD DIY: By using corn syrup and red food dye. Add some vaseline for gooey texture which make it more realistic!
  • FAKE BLOOD DIY: Use some of your red eyeshadow or cut some red lipstick, add in some vaseline, mix them up. Add a tiny tiny bit of black for even realistic looking blood.
  • FAKE BLOOD ALTERNATIVES: Red lip gloss, Red lip tint (which I'm using.. *heartache*), Red lipstick (I used this too *heartache*)
  • Face moisturizer
  • A tweezer and small scissor (in case)


1. First, moisturize the part of your face that you are going to zombify. (meh who likes dry skin?)

2. Apply a layer of liquid latex to the area you want by using an unwanted brush or sponge.

3. Put the pieces of tissue to the area you've applied liquid latex while it is still wet, layer by layer.

4. After it is dry, add more liquid latex and tissues and let it dry again. Repeat this for 3 to 4 times.

5. On the last layer, apply a layer of liquid latex and make sure you smooth out the edges. Let it dry.

6. Apply your normal makeup as usual, and apply the darker foundation to your new 'skin'. Make sure they look like your real skin. Powder it to make the foundation stay.

After applying foundation, don't have darker foundation same shade will do, but need to apply thicker.

7. Cut some 'wounds' on the 'skin' by using tweezer or scissor. Be really careful on this cuz you don't want to hurt your face! Make some holes and be gentle to not rip the 'skin' apart.

8. Apply some dark brown eyeshadow to the wounds to create depth, then use black eyeshadow
around the wound to make it looks really deep.

9. Dirty your 'skin' and around the wounds by using the black and brown eyeshadow.
10. Apply the fake blood into your wounds and also some at the skin.


This is my first attempt for doing special effect makeup cuz I've no chance to play around when I was in Malaysia. My younger brother actually thought "who is this idiotic girl who cut her face till like this" when he saw my photos HAHAHA bro that's your sister eh!

From one direction you might look completely normal and from the other direction you are zombified.


(I forgot and I can't fit any other shirt so a loose blouse would do..)

I think my wounded side too dirty.. hmm make
it looked like burnt :O

Oh by the way, I didn't put any blusher for this look and I did an exaggerating contouring for higher cheekbone (and i forgot to contour my jawline -.- make me look so mannn...) I 38 go and do 'bitten lip' effect for my lip and did aegyo-sal as well HAHAHA this make up damn nice lar despite the wounds LOL.. Make sure your skin should look extremely pale cuz girls or guys, you're a zombie now.

can see my aegyo-sal here! hahaha

Alright enough of selfie LOL! Be sure you try this out and scare more people! Who says Halloween can't be pretty yet creepy? hehehe HAVE FUN and take lotsa photos!!


Lovesssss, J!

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