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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Good Saturday!

FIRSTLY, thankiew Jen for accompany me to my interview and telling me so much about coffees!
SECONDLY, hello Aunty! Safe flight home *hehehe awkward laugh*

Today is a good good day. Although it was really frustrating that I didn't get any replies from the coffee shops I emailed, but walk in actually works! And I got a surprisingly good interviews today. Thanks for Jen to make me ask the lady who was sitting beside me in the cafe.. She is a coffee person who knows so much in depth knowledge about coffee in Melbourne. *THUMBS UP* And she also suggested me to interview the oldest Italian coffee shop in Melbourne T_T 出门遇贵人啊~

I am not a coffee person actually.. And I don't drink coffee, but I have some basic knowledges about coffee as I was a coffee person in the past.. before i found out that I couldn't drink coffee. The last cup of caffeine product i drank i think it was around 5 years ago, and the last coffee drink was Neslo (Malaysian drink, Nescafe + Milo) which is like Mocha, but taste differently. Anyways, I cant drink coffee and I dont know why as well. I still remember after I've drink that Neslo, I started to feel uncomfortable, and getting dizzy.. then diarrhea and vomit started, then feeling super unwell.. and then fever.. after that i never drink coffee anymore, it is like after effects of caffeine. For those who can enjoy coffees, you are lucky, really lucky!

Coffee culture in Melbourne wasn't my initial idea actually, thanks to my tutor who suggested this as she is Melbourian obviously she loves coffee (Melbourne is the coffee capital in Australia, one of the coffee place in the world, in case you wonder). She knew I am a foodie person and then I got no idea on my soft news assessment, so she suggested me to do about the coffee culture in Melbourne which she thought would be easy for me. T__T but then i accept her suggestion lar, since is kinda interesting also :3

I was so down when the stupid coffee school ask me to pay him FOR CONDUCTING A 10 MINS INTERVIEW. wtf? Con money wey.. Then i tried to email the other coffee schools and some cafes but no responses. Then i've decided to walk in and sit down and risk my life...... and order a cup of coffee, to get a chance to talk to the barista. 天无绝人之路啊~ It works lar, but now super uncomfy cuz i feel super dizzy and unwell and diarrhea is coming soon (I SENSE YOU DIARRHEA..) Hmm but it is definitely worthing it! at least i got my informations and can done my work before next Monday and.. Jen and I got free drinks from the first Italiano style coffee shop in Melbourne *throw confetti* That boss super good T__T of course not only because he treated us drinks lar, and also because he is very friendly! and damn cute hahaha! Anyways, too dizzy to do anything now. Tomorrow only do the soft news har.....
Perhaps should thank God that i feel unwell and the awkwardness is decreased when i met his mom...... and sis..... the brother nothing lar i used to hangout with him in Melbourne so yea............... If you know who I am talking about HAHAHA~hahaha.....haha..

AWKWARD tatata..... three more assignments then I AM DONE for this sem! God bless!


loves.. awkwardly.. J

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